Action Adventure World V​.​S ThePlasmas - Zombie Killin Blood Spillin P2

from by Atom the Amazing Zombie Killer

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(Ashleigh, Those Darn Rascals Are back...
say, why don't your get your ass back in the kitchen and bake me a pie, I'm gonna be a while....)

It's going down get the fuck out
forget the baby, There coming right now
Board up the windows, cause if you get bit
I'm gonna shoot you till there aint no more tounge to spit shit
grab some beeferoni, are the stores are closed
Back packing so much heat it's like a fucking gun show
Grab that pair of sisors off the windowsill
If I hafta I'm gonna have some fuckin fun with my kill

One with a hammer One with a bolder
I strangled one with a nintendo controller
I need a black guy in my group
so they can eat him first while I aim and shoot

Zombies keep coming but they aint that tough
I tripped my Mom, theres dinner, she's lived long enough
This bowling ball is gonna take your unlife
I'll knock em all down cause Death is on strike

la la la la la la la la la

I'll use the lid of this tuna can
it's zombie killing blood spilling I'm the fucking Man
Maybe a Chain saw for a hand
it's zombie killing blood spilling I'm the fucking Man
The television said that it came from Japan
it's Zombie killing Blood spilling I'm the fucking Man
I'm pissing on them off the roof goddamn
it's Zombie killing Blood spill... what?!

You bitches couldn't handle my fire
Splatter gas on the roof and fucking toss you my lighter
Now, These fuckin Zombies need to back off my balls
or I'm gonna Arthur up this bitch and splatter blood on the walls
Cause it's Duane of the Dead, Change of plans Man Instead
Mauricio you play the guitar get it stuck in their heads
And then I'll goomba dance behind em get em rocking and shit
You'll be a Zombie but the rest of us are gonna brake out legit

Hells yeah... I knew Mauricio would be the one who wasn't affected we could have an antidote.... To the lab

We need to go, make our way to the lab
There's only 3 of us left, since we killed and ate stan
Not to mention Mauricio don't understand us
We speak english and he speaks spanish
There it is I see a hole in the wall
Whos going first we all should draw straws
Thank God I spent a month on the internet
I figured out how to make a potion from clean flesh

That's when the roof came a crumbling down
out from the rucus I seen a damn clown
Fuck this I aint Messing around
We Came to damn far to get stopped Now
Thats when the choppter blades came a swooping
armys of people bustin in shooting
We lost a lot of people but still man damn, it's zombie killing blood spilling I'm the fuckin Man




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